Battery Heating Pads

A fully charged battery has only 40% cranking power at 0° F when compared to 100% cranking power at 80° F. When batteries are placed in an insulated battery box, a thermostat is recommended to sense battery box temperature to prevent overheating the battery.

Battery heater not recommended for nickel cadmium batteries. Prolong the life of your battery with Kim Hotstart thermal battery wraps with or without thermostat.

1. Durable, fire-retardant vinyl cover that resists oils and acids.

2. All standard battery pads and battery wraps come with 6’ grounded cord and plug.

3. Fast, easy installation.
4. Boosts battery cranking power as much as 75%.
Thermostatically controlled battery thermal wraps provide optimum heating regardless of ambient temperature.
1. At 80°F, the battery will achieve maximum cold cranking amps.
2. Battery is constantly maintained at 80°F.
3. Provides greater heat rise than plates or pads.
4. Thermostat will eliminate battery damage caused by overheating and acid spill.
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